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We are passionate about art and music in all its form. This is where our inner drive to help strengthen London's community of artists comes from. We see beauty and potential in spaces and recycle them into comfortable and sustainable working spaces to welcome the creative minds.

Not only do we welcome artists from all over London, but also office based companies looking for a working environment ideal to represent their brand. GBL is a group of venues in London offering professional studios with a concept made to suit professionals. We offer high quality of work environment, security and service.
Come down to experience what being part of a dynamic work community feels like!

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Bruno Cabral

I am passionate about converting and developing spaces, into unique successful companies & community projects across London. I see possibility and potential where no one sees it as I have many years on construction in general which is a major fact to save costs. 

My experience  and success has earned me a reputation with agents, landlords, councils and business partners as a pragmatic and creative entrepreneur. I have over 7 years strategizing innovative experiences. I am driven by optimising each opportunity

Gustavo Pacini

"I am super excited about what we have done together as a team.  My role as a business sales and property management professional, is to provide excellent day to day service to our tenants and to promote the best possible working environment for them.  Additionally, with my law degree I bring a strong foundation to every business we start.


As a joint founder of GBL Studios Ltd it is personally very satisfying to see the progress that we have made in such a short space of time.”

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Leandro cabral

I am inspired to turn dreams into reality. I have been blessed enough to travel in places no one has ever been. That gave the knowledge and determination to make ideas we believe in happen.

I have over 15 years of building experience around the world. This is how I have developed my talent in using recycled and sustainable manufacturing  materials.


I have learnt skills along my travels that defy current technics. Promoting a healthier and more sustainable built environment is the part I want to play to support a positive environmental change. 


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